Binh Thuan determined to prevent COVID-19 pandemic from returning 

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BTO - It's has been over 400 days Binh Thuan has not recorded any new COVID-19 cases in the community. This result shows that the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the province has been well controlled. Although the epidemic situation across the country is complicated, the risk of disease outbreaks in the area is very great, so Binh Thuan is determined to step up measures to prevent and control the pandemic from re-occurrence.

Sources of infection come from many directions

Although a number of new cases of community transmission were detected in some provinces and cities in the country, Binh Thuan is still controlling the pandemic well. For more than 400 days, no cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the locality.

According to the Department of Health, with the trade and travel among provinces, the source of infection comes from the following 4 sources. Specifically, the former is the number of foreign experts and repatriated Vietnamese who violate regulations on concentrated quarantined. The second is from illegal entry. These immigrants are temporarily staying at inns, hotels, motels, etc. Besides, it is not excluded that after the holiday, people returning from to Binh Thuan from other places are at risk of carrying disease. Thirdly, it comes from isolated people in centralized quarantine facilities as well as those who complete centralized isolation for monitoring and medical isolation at home are negligent, subjective, lethargic, and non-compliant regulations. Finally, people are still mentally negligent, subjective, lethargic, do not wear masks, gather in large numbers, do not strictly follow recommendations and regulations on pandemic prevention and control.

For instance, Mr. C.V.T ( in Tuy Phong district) works as an electrican, residing temporarily in Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan district (Ho Chi Minh City). In daily communication, Mr. T. often does not wear a mask. On the occasion of April 30 - May 1, Mr. T returned to his hometown for a holiday. Relatives from Ho Chi Minh City called him to announce that someone had COVID-19 infection in the living area and urged Mr. T. to go to the health station to declare. After exploiting the epidemiological investigation information, Mr. T. was instructed to wear a mask properly, took the first test sample with negative results, and was isolated in concentrated quarantine facility in Tuy Phong district. Particularly those who have been in close contact with T. are isolated at home and signed a commitment to comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Implementing each corresponding response

In the coming time, Binh Thuan will step up measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from returning to the province, with the motto "not to miss any cases returning from the epidemic-affected area". The Provincial Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control requested the health sector and related agencies to closely monitor people related to the epidemic area, trace and closely monitor isolated cases returning from another province. All cases of going to, coming from, and returning from an affected area to Binh Thuan province must declare and undergo medical supervision according to regulations. Particularly for those returning from Bac Giang and Bac Ninh, they must undergo concentrated medical isolation and take samples for testing.

In addition, the health sector is expanding COVID-19 testing for patients, medical staffs with suspected symptoms, including cases with unclear epidemiological history, inpatients at the hospital departments (Emergency Resuscitation, Artificial Kidney, Internal Medicine) and staffs involved in COVID-19 disease prevention and control.

According to the Provincial Center for Disease Control, the Center has requested district-level centers to coordinate with local authorities to strictly implement the management, health monitoring and medical isolation supervision at home. People who have completed the treatment into concentrated isolation when returning home within 14 days and taking samples for testing 3 times and samples for COVID-19 testing with healthcare workers.

Facing the complicated development of the pandemic situation, in some localities, cases of disease outbreaks have been recorded in the Industrial Park. The medical sector has proposed to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Management Board of The provincial Industrial Park and the local People's Committees have strengthened inspection and supervision to urge the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control at production and business establishments and industrial parks in the province. In particular, the province is focusing on guiding these facilities to conduct medical isolation, set up temporary medical isolation rooms when there are suspected cases of COVID-19.

To join hands in effective prevention and control of epidemics, the Provincial People's Committee requires people to strictly follow the 5 rules message (Mask - Disinfection - Distance - Do not gather - Medical declaration). The Provincial People's Committee also urges people to join hands in detecting cases of illegal entry, cases coming from epidemic areas but not making medical declarations,and immediately notify medical facilities and local authorities.

For food and service businesses, depending on the epidemic situation, the Provincial People's Committee will issue a directive in accordance with the spirit of "Do not block the business", while ensuring pandemic prevention and control. ensure socio-economic development.

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Binh Thuan determined to prevent COVID-19 pandemic from returning