Binh Thuan discusses ways to bring its agricultural products to new markets

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BTO - When European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement  (EVFTA) comes into effect, it opens up more opportunities for Binh Thuan's clean agricultural products to be present in the world market. That means, farmers, cooperatives, businesses need a stronger handshake to build a high-tech agricultural production model to meet export requirements.

Fresh and clean production

Not being the first model of growing melon in Binh Thuan, but Eden Farm Company is considered as the first place in the province to produce melons that meet GlobalGAP standards. It is located in Thuan Hoa commune (Ham Thuan Bac) with 4 greenhouses, automatic temperature sensor systems, convection fan systems, 2 water storage lakes, and Israeli technology irrigation systems. All the melons appropriated the company's standards have been available in large domestic supermarket systems such as Big C, Co.op Mart, Lotte Mart, etc, and exported to many countries such as Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Besides melon, the capital of dragon fruit is also looking for solutions to make dragon fruit meet fresh and clean standards. To improve production efficiency and expand its markets, many cooperatives in the province have gradually applied technology to production, established VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards to export to the difficult markets more easily. They said that dragon fruit growers always face the chorus of "good harvest, loss of value" and vice versa. That's the reason why Binh Thuan dragon fruit is mainly sold through the Chinese market by small quota.

In addition, to produce clean products according to GlobalGAP standards, cooperatives are looking to agricultural product export companies with the financial potential to link and consume products for their members. “Farmers should sign contracts with a number of enterprises to purchase annual products at stable prices, not seasonally. Currently, depending on the export market, there will be various technical barriers, Binh Thuan needs to have specialized production areas for dragon fruit to make production, consumption, and export become more convenient and easier. Moreover, farmers should not run after immediate profits, breaking commercial contracts to make the connection between farmers - cooperatives - businesses become tighter and avoiding the rescue of agricultural products. With all that, this connection will not be broken”, said Mr. Dang Tuan Phat - Director of Full Grade International Co., Ltd (HCMC).

Increase the connection of 3 houses

In order to improve the value chain as well as find a market for dragon fruit, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with many units and organizations to find solutions to "rescue" this fruit. Accordingly, the province has focused resources to support businesses, collective economy, agricultural cooperatives, dragon fruit growers to overcome difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The agricultural sector calls on people to promote safe dragon fruit production according to VietGAP, GlobalGAP, and organic standards to serve the domestic market and expand exports to European markets. As well as recommending people to organize production and build crops in accordance with the actual situation.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Yen - Head of International Cooperation Department - Vietnam Cooperative Alliance said: “When Vietnam signed the EVFTA, the typical products of cooperatives, including those of cooperatives in Binh Thuan will be promoted by the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance to international markets such as China, Japan, Korea, etc. The International Cooperation Department will contact the embassies of countries to introduce Vietnamese products in it. Binh Thuan dragon fruit is indispensable, from fresh fruit to processed products such as wine, dried dragon fruit, etc. This is the main product of the province and also a product in the chain of connecting agricultural products for export. In addition, the Cooperative Alliance will advise the Cooperative Alliance to organize forums and conferences to promote and provide solutions for cooperatives to improve their adaptive capacity to export high-value products and increase income for members. Besides, the connection between cooperatives - farmers - enterprises in the production, processing, promotion, and export of key products of the province is now very necessary. This will help cooperatives in the region increase connectivity, exchange, increase product value as well as bring benefits to people, contribute to agricultural restructuring and poverty reduction.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Binh Thuan discusses ways to bring its agricultural products to new markets