Binh Thuan recommends 2 local products for national five-star OCOP recognition

02/01/2022, 09:34 - Lượt đọc: 54

BTO –The provincial Council of “One Commune, One Product” program (hereafter called OCOP Council), has selected 2 out of 14 provincial OCOP products to be recognized as national five-star OCOP products. The nominees are grape seaweed (Caulerpa lentillifera) and salted grape seaweed- produced by Hai Nam Okinawa Company Limited (Phu Hai-Phan Thiet-Binh Thuan).

Grape seaweed products
OCOP products

8 other products have registered for the recognition of provincial four-star OCOP products, including half-dried squid (Phan Thiet Seafood Company), traditional fishsauce “Mam lu” (Quang Long fishsauce manufacturing facility) , Toan Huong fishsauce, Ba Hai fishsauce (Phan Thiet city) , cashew-nut mix candy product (Nam Trang One Member limited company-Duc Linh district), Tafa’s fresh egg &baked egg (Tafa Viet Livestock Company (Duc Linh district), Bao Long dragon fruit juice (business household of Nguyen Ngoc Bao-Phu Long townlet-Ham Thuan Bac district). The remaining 4 products have been registered for the provincial three-star OCOP products, including Dragon fruit “ruou de” (a Vietnamese traditional liquor made from dragon fruit and rice), and dragon fruit ice-cream (Hoa Le dragon fruit cooperative-Ham Thuan Bac district), dried rabbit meat (business household of Ho Huu Nghi in Huy Khiem commune –Tanh Linh district), Duc Lan rice trademark OM18 (Duc Binh commune-Tanh Linh district).

According to the provincial OCOP Council, most of nominated products have high quality. Some agricultural products, which are specialties of many localities, are well processed thanks to simultaneous investment in technological applications to production. The recognition of OCOP products will boost those products’ value and help them extend consumption.


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Binh Thuan recommends 2 local products for national five-star OCOP recognition