Binh Thuan sees potential export product from dragon fruit seeds

17/03/2021, 09:19

BTO- Dragon fruit of Binh Thuan has long been famous for a diversity of processed products, such as fresh dragon fruit, dried dragon fruit chips, dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit-flavored candies, dragon fruit wine, dragon fruit syrup…. And recently, a company in Bac Binh district has successfully developed dragon fruit seeds (both from white-flesh and red-flesh dragon fruit) as new products for exports to Korean markets.

Dragon fruit seeds were on display at an event honoring products of the provincial program One Commune-One Product (OCOP). The four-star-standard products, which are materials for cosmetics manufacture and healthcare services, attracted the attention of many customers with eye-catching packing.

According to Mr. Tran Van Liem-Director of Phuc Ha company (Hai Ninh commune-Bac Binh district), this new product was developed and launched in 2020, basing recycling remaining components of dragon fruit after processing dragon fruit juice. The company has invested in purchasing dragon fruit seed extracting machines with new technology, which allows it to separate seeds from fresh dragon fruit before drying them in the sun and packing. Currently, dried dragon fruit seeds are exported to South Korea at an average price of US$250 per kilo. In order to extract 1 ton of dragon seeds, the company needs to take 250 tons of fresh dragon fruit.

The development of dragon seeds brings dragon fruit growers more hope for dragon fruit output, especially fresh fruit that does not meet requirements for export, contributing to reducing uncertain prices of fresh dragon fruit.
The launch of a new product of dragon fruit seeds is considered as a new direction towards developing diversified products processed from dragon fruit.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Binh Thuan sees potential export product from dragon fruit seeds