Binh Thuan to strengthen Tet markets inspection and supervision

26/11/2021, 10:29 - Lượt đọc: 18

BTO- As the Lunar New year is coming, Binh Thuan Provincial Steering Committee against Smuggling, Commercial Fraud and Counterfeit Goods (called the provincial Steering Committee 389) have just set up a peaking plan in the fight against smuggling, trade fraud, and counterfeit goods before, during and after Tet holiday - The Year of the Tiger in 2022.

Accordingly, during the inspection periods, the team will boost inspection and control the markets to detect, contain and handle violations in terms of manufacture, transport, trading and importing illegal, fraud and counterfeit, and unknown origin goods. Especially, they focus on checking the essentials that can affect people’s health and medical pieces of equipment catering the Covid-19 prevention and control.

In addition, it also aims to effectively carry out thematic plans regarding the groups of petroleum products, minerals, tobacco, sugar, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, medicinal herbs, and traditional medicines. At the same time, all ats of taking advantage of the epidemic situation to speculate and unreasonably increase the prices of essential goods, and the advertising and labeling are not transparent, misleading or not true to the original goods to benefit and deceive consumers, etc are strictly handled.

On this occasion, the functional forces strengthen the application of science and technology in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud, and counterfeiting, and coordinate to connect and share information in accordance with the new situation. Mobilizing people not to participate, abetting acts of smuggling, commercial fraud, and trading in fake goods as well as condemning acts of taking advantage of the epidemic to speculate on unreasonable price increases of goods...

As known, the peak plan against smuggling, commercial fraud, and counterfeiting before - during, and after the Lunar New Year of the Tiger will be implemented from December 1, 2021, to February 2, 2022, with the participation of relevant departments. relevant sectors, localities, and units.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Binh Thuan to strengthen Tet markets inspection and supervision