Hue Hip-hop Festival 2022 slated for late July

19/07/2022, 10:18 - Lượt đọc: 42

The Thua Thien-Hue Tourism Department announced on July 15 that the Hue Hip-hop Festival 2022 will be held at the 3/2 Park in Hue city on July 23 - 24.

Hue Hip-hop Festival 2022 will be held at the 3/2 Park in Hue city on July 23 - 24 (Photo courtesy of the organisers)

This year’s event will attract the participation of two foreign judges from the Republic of Korea and Sweden, whilst a renowned DJ from Singapore will also attend the event, reported Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

The function will see a number of dance and hip-hop clubs from across the country gather in the city to compete in four categories, including hip-hop 1vs1, popping 1vs1, freestyle 1vs1 for kids, and city vs city street dance team battles.

The winner of the hip-hop 1vs1 will go on to represent the country to compete at the Golden Era of Hiphop Championships which is scheduled to take place in in the Republic of Korea later this year.

The occasion will be held within the framework of the Autumn Festival to celebrate Hue Festival 2022 and aims to create a healthy playground for Vietnamese artists to show off their talents and help local visitors learn more about hip-hop culture.

The festival will also contribute to affirming the title of Hue as the nation’s festival city, whilst simultaneously promoting the city’s cultural and tourism potential to lure visitors from both home and abroad./.


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Hue Hip-hop Festival 2022 slated for late July