Phan Thiet aspires for the further upturn

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BTO – On these days of April, Phan Thiet citizens suddenly feel eager for being proud of the homeland's glorious victory. 46 years after Liberation day (April 30th, 1975), It can be easily recognized the Coastal city of Phan Thiet is changing its silhouette day by day, and the gentle Ca Ty river is considered as a historical witness during lots of its changes.

The young city now has a spacious appearance and the people’s life is much improved, showing “the power” of such second-tier city on the path of development and integration.

A corner of Le Duan Avenue in Phan Thiet City

A Glorious Chapter in History

Against the current of time to return to the past with heroic memories, the township of Phan Thiet has now become a place of convergence. Since 1930, under the leader of the Party, the wave of revolutionary struggles took continuously place across the town, resulting in the success of the August 1945 General Uprising.

The Phan Thiet people had not yet enjoyed the happiness of homeland Independence and freedom, they had to hold spears, marks, and sticks to combat against the Japanese fascists, the French colony to protect the Government for 9 years. Even though when the 1954 Geneve Agreement was signed in 1954, the Phan Thiet people had not had a full day of peace. Once again, the people armed forces of Phan Thiet together with the nationwide people revoted against the 4 strategies of US imperialism, bring glory to the nation.

Those are magnanimous chapters in history that had been drawn by many generations of the Phan Thiet people. Many fighting bases, such á: Lang Thien cave, Con Co hamlet, Dam hamlet, Dong Gia hamlet, Ghe hamlet, etc have never been faded by the time. During the long path of fierce combats, a lot of Phan Thiet patriots fell down for the Phan Thiet Liberation day (April 19th, 1975), contributing to the country’s bright future.

Overcoming difficulties….

In harmony with the entire country’s heroic spirit in the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising, Phan Thiet’s evolutionary history made a shining milestone on April 19, 1975. Since then, a new journey with many opportunities and advantages plus challenges opened up. In this context, the Party committee and people of Phan Thiet have always put their trust in the leadership of the Party, constantly promoting the tradition of revolutionary struggle. They also put every effort to overcome the heavy consequences of the war and the old regime.

Phan Thiet has step by step carried out renovation and homeland construction under the Socialist path chosen by the Party, Uncle Ho, and the People. Independence and freedom have brought many benefits to the residents as its economy has had a great development towards industrialization and modernization. Phan Thiet’s potentials and advantages have been better exploited. The people’s living standards have gradually and significantly improved. The city’s face has markedly changed from a town to a 2nd-tier city.

Faith and Aspiration

46 years have elapsed since the day of liberation. Phan Thiet city has achieved many impressive accomplishments during its construction and development. Mr. Le Van Chon – Vice Chairman of the Phan Thiet City’s People Committee confirmed: Promoting the tradition of revolution and solidarity, Phan Thiet has gained many proud achievements in all socio-economic fields. Specifically, tourism is one of the province’s highlights and becomes a spearhead economic sector. The attraction of sea tourism along with a safe social environment, and hospitable people fosters Phan Thiet tourism in the cause of conquering visitors.

At present, the Party committee and people of Phan Thiet city are determined to strive for gaining the 2025 targets with a focus on upgrading infrastructures to serve tourism development. Although the next path has many difficulties left, the whole Party and people of Phan Thiet are confident and aspire for further development.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Phan Thiet aspires for the further upturn