Thac Ba tourist area prospered in the early spring days

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BTO- Binh Thuan tourism is commonly well known for its crystal blue beach, but few people know that the province also has the enchanting Thac Ba at Duc Thuan commune, Tanh Linh district in Binh Thuan province. During the last Tet holiday, the Thac Ba tourist area welcomed nearly 10,000 visitors.


The entrance to Thac Ba tourist area is decorated with colorful banners and flowers

Visitors traveling to Thac Ba will fully admire the whole beauty of the white waterfall flowing softly through the rocky slopes. The strong gray of the mountains, the dazzlingly white of the waterfall, and the green of the forest make the natural picture not only majestic but also strangely peaceful.


Travelers can immerse themselves in the cool, clear blue water, release their minds and listen to the birds' sounds in the forest.


After discovering the unspoiled charming of the mountains and forests, at the resort's restaurant, there are also many special dishes to serve you such as Roasted Chicken with Mac Mat leaves and bamboo tube rice


Boiled wild vegetables dotted with braised fish sauce is a specialty of Thac Ba tourist area in Tanh Linh mountain area


Lentil hot pot


Shortly, the Thac Ba tourist area will continue to be completed for serving camping and staying overnight guests at Homestays located in the middle of the vast green forest


Theo Bao Binh Thuan
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Thac Ba tourist area prospered in the early spring days