VND 11,695 billion earmarked for decorating Phan Thiet water tower park

28/06/2021, 20:51

BTO- Phan Thiet water tower silhouetted on the banks of the poetic Ca Ty river was built by the French in 1928 and completed in 1934 according to the urban planning policy of the contemporary government. The tower’s purpose is to supply water for offices and people in Phan Thiet city. Around the water tower, there is a planned green park.

After 93 years of existence, despite the war bombs and the harsh environment, especially through the historical floods in the year of the Dragon (1952) and the year of the Rooster (1993), the water tower has still stood, majestic inside the city ​​and become a sacred symbol of Binh Thuan province. In the past years, the water tower and around the tower have been restored and repaired for many times. However, the state of deterioration of the water tower park is more and more enlarging. Some items of the park have downgraded, such as: the damaged yard brick foundation and the sidewalk, the peeling mortar tree tubs; heavily damaged fence; some of dead trees next to the fence, damaged and smelly toilets, the badly break down water supply and drainage system.

There are many locations collapsed which causing local flooding, not ensuring water drainage in the rainy season, leading to a loss of beauty and environmental hygiene. The power system is degraded and outdated, not ensuring safety and demand.

The Provincial People's Committee recently approved the investment policy to build a project to embellish the water tower park cluster and Phan Thiet city with the following scale: sidewalks, walkways and activity areas, water supply and drainage system of the whole area; Lighting systems, trees, fences, portable public toilets and other related ancillary items. The total project investment is about 11,695 million VND from the capital of the lottery. The project is expected to be tendered and constructed in the third quarter of 2021.

About 93 years ago, Phan Thiet Water Tower was designed by Lao international student Souphanouvong studying at Albert Sarraut School in Hanoi and built in an octagonal cylinder. The whole tower is divided into 3 parts, including: The tower body, the gourd and the roof. The height from the base to the top of the tower is 32 meters. The tower body also has an octagonal cylinder, each side is 3.9 meters wide, the higher it goes, the smaller it gets. Diameter of tower foot 9 meters; tower foot circumference 31.2 meters; floor area 73.4 square meters. The top water tank is 5 meters high, octagonal in shape, 9 meters in diameter, with a capacity of 350 cubic meters of water. For a long time, the image of Phan Thiet water tower has been stylized by many businesses and localities as the symbol of the unit.

In 2005, Binh Thuan chose the work "Phan Thiet Water Tower" as the logo - the symbol of the province. Since then, any product of Binh Thuan has also carried the logo of Phan Thiet Water Tower. Phan Thiet water tower is not only a work bearing strong friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam - Laos, but it is also a provincial historical relic. It becomes a cultural symbol deeply ingrained in the subconscious of many generations of coastal people in Phan Thiet.

People who are far from their homeland, always miss Phan Thiet deeply whenever seeing the symbol of the water tower.

The investment in embellishing the Phan Thiet water tower park complex is to preserve and create the beauty of cultural, historical and symbolic works of Binh Thuan.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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VND 11,695 billion earmarked for decorating Phan Thiet water tower park